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As SEO Sio Agency we provide you corporational SEO , e-commerce SEO and Search Engine Optimization service by our expert squad in a professional way.


The set of works which are done to give a web site a higher ranking in the search engines is called as SEO. SEO is an abbreviation for ‘’Search Engine Optimization’’. The main purpose of the SEO is to make a web site more popular and more visible on the internet. The best way of being visible on the internet is to get a higher ranking in the results page of search engines. People use search engines frequently to search anything. They can use search engines to learn how a specific work can be done. They can also use search engines to learn what something is. According to researches, people generally visit the web sites which appear in the first page. Thus, if you have a web site and want to make it more powerful, you need make your web site more visible on the search results page. In other words, you need a SEO service.
The more economic power of the internet rose, the more SEO works became popular. The SEO works try to make a website compatible with the latest algorithms of search engines. In that way, the website of the company or institution become more popular and they gain more visitors. Thus, the income from the sales also rise because of the rise in the number of visitors.


Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not just choosing the right keyword for a text. It is much more important work. SEO work must be done studiously and by giving importance to details. In a good SEO work, the sector which the web site is active should be examined and the place of the web site in the sector should be determined. The analysis of the rivals in the sector is also should be done. After this extensive preparation process ends, the SEO strategy become clear and works are started to be done. There are some really important points in the SEO work. If necessary attention could not paid, it is important to get successful result from the works. There are some musts for a successful SEO work. These are;
● Right keyword choice
● Right title (domain name and topic) choice
● Appropriate technical regulation to make a website easily red by search engine robots.
● Deciding the content of the web site.
● Determining the forms and number of backlinks by paying attention to age of the website.
If these works done correctly, you can be sure about you will get the successful result from the SEO. Hence, SEO is a kind of work that requires specialization.

SEO Works

The works which are done by SEO expert for a web site could be evaluated in two different categories. These are, on page and off SEO. On page SEO works form ⅓ of the SWO works. Off page seo forms the rest. To make a efficient SEO, these two should be done together.
If we need to give more details about on page and off page SEO, we can say that, on page SEO is about the words in the site, technical elements, contents and the structure of the site while off page SEO is about sharings in the social media, back links, the works which are done to enhance the brand awareness.

On Page SEO

If you want your web site to appear in the higher position in the search results, you should done some technical regulations. These regulations are called as On Page SEO. There are some important details in the on page SEO. Studies for determining keywords,preparing original contents for the web site, giving place to hd visuals, the works which are done to fasten the operating speed of the web site, robots txt. editing are some important parts of on page SEO.
The keyword choice is really important for on page SEO. There some important points while deciding the keywords. The most important one is the search volume. The search volume is the monthly searching quantity of the word. The SEO works should be done on the words which have high search volume. You can pay attention to keywords which have low search volumes only if you have a web site which is in a really competitive sector.

Off-page SEO

The works which are done in the platforms outside of the web site is called as off page SEO. There are several off page SEO techniques could be applied to a web site. The most popular one is to increase backlink number and quality.
If we need to make a definition of it, backlink is the link which sends visitors on a web site to your web site. Backlink work should be done carefully. If you have low quality backlinks, the results will be devastating. You also should not have excessive backlinks on other sites if your website is not old enough. This could be understood as a fake reference by search engine bots. The backlinks should have a high quality. Moreover, the websites which gives backlink to your web site should be related to your web site’s area of activity.
In short, SEO works should be done by expets in their area. Otherwise, the traffic of your web site would not rise.
There are also another important factors which are important for search engine bots. Activity in the social media is also one of them. It affects your rank in the search engines indirectly. These factors should also be administred by an expert. Which social media platforms are used by your site, what kind of things will be shared from your accounts, etc. are works which are planned, organised and followed by a SEO expert.
In short, you need to take efficient backlinks, you should not use copy content (and remove them if you find any) and low quality content.
If you work with a successful SEO expert, both on site and off site SEO works would be done in coreect way. Thus, the traffic of the site and the ranking in the search results page both rise. Thus your sales will rate will improve.